Stypsi Cooperative Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Stypsi Cooperative Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive Varietal: Adramytianí
Acidity: 0.4%–0.8%
Available in: 5 liter

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This excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced by one of Lesvos’ oldest and most respected agricultural cooperatives. The unique composition of the volcanic soil of the slopes of Mount Lepetymnos combine with sea breezes and a higher altitude to give this oil its distinctive character.

Stypsi Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fresh aroma of green apple and sun-dried hay. It has a nutty, buttery flavor and a richly rounded mouthfeel, making it ideal for baking and lower heat cooking such as sautéeing. The sumptuous basenotes are offset by a bright, peppery pungency and a gentle fruitiness that make it delicious in sauces and for dipping bread as well. This is an awesome all-purpose EVOO at an amazingly affordable price!

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