Kleió Organic Single Grove 100% Adramytianí Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kleió Organic Single Grove 100% Adramytianí Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Olive Varietal: Adramytianí
Acidity: 0.4%

Available in: 500 ml, 5 liter

Wholesale prices available; please contact info@filia.no for more information.

This extremely low acidity (0.4%) extra virgin olive oil is proudly produced by Giánnis Grosomanídis, a small-scale, independent farmer from the village of Kleió in the northern coastal region of Lesvos. Giánnis and his family harvest their olives by hand and still follow the sustainable, organic farming practices they have been using for three generations. Their olive oil is certified organic by in Greece by Dio and in Norway by Debio.

Opening a bottle of Kleió EVOO, you’ll immediately notice its invigorating aroma: freshly cut meadow grasses and green tomato. This oil is smooth and rich, but has a clean, light mouthfeel that makes it ideal for cold food preparations, such as salads, or for dipping bread. Kleió EVOO has a buttery, slightly nutty flavor with top notes of hay and dry herbs, and a pungent, gently peppery aftertaste. Every bottle carries the month of pressing and is hand-marked with its limited edition number. This is a fantastic, small-batch product that will change the way you think about olive oil!

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