Our Ethics


We are deeply committed to helping to improve the lives of the people we work with, and to contributing in a constructive way to the economy and community of Lesvos. 

Tragically, Lesvos’ residents are currently struggling to help the waves of refugees and migrant workers entering Europe via the island. Their efforts have been epic; indeed, a petition was recently started to nominate the people of Lesvos (and its neighbor islands) for the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of their exceptional willingness to help the thousands of souls arriving on the island every day. Read The Guardian article here.

Still, numbers are staggering; Between 1–24 August 2015, 33,000 refugees arrived on Lesvos, which has a population of 86,500. By the end of 2015, more than 100,000 refugees had arrived in Europe via the island that year alone. There are currently at least 81 NGOs operating on the island; they remain overwhelmed and in dire need of funding. The crisis is a major threat to the island’s tourism-dependant economy, which sustains local farmers and businesses.

With this in mind, we have decided that:

1) A percentage of profits from our FILÍA kleió organic extra virgin olive oil will be donated to Caring Lesvos, a locally run organization that works directly to help migrants and refugees entering Europe through Lesvos. Caring Lesvos, a subsidiary of The Other Aegean, is a small non-profit founded by residents of the island.

2) The bulk of profits from sales of all our products will go toward the founding of a community space in Molyvos. This culturally oriented business will be geared toward both educating the tourist community and enriching the lives of those living in Molyvos.



At FILÍA, we firmly believe that responsible entrepreneurship can be used as a tool to better the world we live in. Therefore, we promise to work only with farmers and producers whose business and farming practices are ethical and sustainable. By helping small, local producers on Lesvos sell their olive oil in the booming Norwegian market, we are helping ancient, Earth-friendly farming practices to survive and thrive. To learn more about our producers, visit our Producers page.